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7 Tips for a Memorable Interview interviewing job search skills susan rietano davey Jul 25, 2018

The older I get, the smaller the world gets. What used to be six degrees of separation now feels like three. Sometimes less. A few weeks ago, Bob and I ran into two couples on the beach (parents,...

Bold, Brave, Strong inspiration kelley biskupiak Jul 11, 2018

Ladies, summer is here! You beautiful, courageous, power-houses that create the vision for everyone in your orbit. I know you have been busy. Summer and life are sweeping you in various directions,...

Independence Day and an Empty Nest inspiration susan rietano davey work + life balance Jul 04, 2018

I am newly independent, but I’m not celebrating. On Monday, my husband Bob and I joined the ranks of empty-nesters when we dropped our son Luke off at the U.S. Military Academy at...

Women Supporting Women inspiration susan rietano davey Jun 27, 2018

At my son Luke’s senior class awards night three weeks ago, his classmates Ayushi and Carolyn taught me (and other alert members of the audience) a lesson. The lesson is one we’ve been...

Remember Who You Are inspiration kelley biskupiak Jun 19, 2018

Reminder: This is who you are!

I believe that women are the front door to every home.  They are the temperature and the hub for what rolls in the household.  They are powerful curators of...

In Honor of Fathers inspiration susan rietano davey Jun 13, 2018

Although I’m convinced that Fathers’ Day, like all of the other ‘Special Persons Days’, was a construct of a struggling greeting card industry, it has taken hold in the...

On Getting Uncomfortable adventures susan rietano davey Jun 07, 2018

“Do one thing every day that scares you.”  This ubiquitous phrase, found on everything from coffee mugs to shopping bags, has a unique meaning in the context of the ...

Let’s have a little convo shall we? work + life balance May 17, 2018

How are you feeling these days? Energized? Full of life? Ready to hit one out of the park? OR Maybe you are feeling just the opposite…Like you are on a treadmill that just won’t stop.

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