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Navigating a career relaunch or pivot (or both!) is a challenge, but you don't have to take it on alone.

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Is a Returnship Right For You? Video

🎧 5 min listen

Is a Returnship Right For You?
Return or Pivot video

🎧 7 min listen

Return or Pivot?
Negotiate Flexible Work video

🎧 9 min listen

Negotiate Flexible Work
Interview Strategy: The Close video

🎧 9 min listen

2 Questions You Must Ask at the End of Every Interview
Resume series videos

🎧7 videos, average 8 min listen each

Series of instructional videos all about writing your resumé
LinkedIn and Networking Tips videos

🎧 10 videos, average 9 min listen each

Series all about maximizing your LinkedIn profile

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Resume Checklist Free Download

Readiness Assessment

You loved your career. You opted out. You cared for family or took a necessary break.                                         
Now, are you ready to return to work? Find out NOW with our FREE Career Relaunch Readiness Assessment. It's quick and simple so don't wait any longer!
Readiness Assessment
Explore and Assess Guide Free Download

Explore & Assess Guide

The first challenge in planning a return-to-work or pivot is determining where to start. And we don't mean what job boards to visit; we mean what roles, functions, and industries to consider.
If you don't have a clear idea of where you want to go, you'll never get there. Use this FREE download to guide your informational interviews.                                 
Find Your Career Fit
Networking Call Guide Free Download

Networking Call Success

When returning to work after a career break or when making a professional pivot, you absolutely have to reach out to people - even those you don't know. Networking is key for landing your dream job! With our help, and some practice, those dreaded networking calls will become second nature.  
Networking Call Guide

Foolproof Resumé Writing

There is no shortage of resumé advice out in the blogosphere. But if you have a resumé gap, or some unconventional experiences - or both - you need specialized advice tailored for a relauncher or pivoter like you.

That's where our handy Perfect Resumé Checklist comes in. This simple guide lays out the steps for writing a compelling resumé that gets read.
Perfect Resumé Checklist

Make an Impression on LinkedIn

Let's face it, we can become frozen in our tracks when it comes to building a public profile on LinkedIn. Use our handy LinkedIn Profile Checklist to know what's important and what's not to create a compelling and relevant profile that will boost your networking and job-search efforts.

Download our LinkedIn Profile Checklist today!
Master LinkedIn Checklist

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Meet the minds behind Prepare To Launch U

Susan Rietano Davey

Susan began her career in Fortune 50 Tech where she rapidly moved up the ranks from producer to manager to staff roles, and earned many top performance honors. After taking a career break to care for her children, she became a pioneer for the flexible workspace as a partner in a consulting and recruiting firm, Flexible Resources, Inc. Later, she ran a robust executive coaching practice. 


Kelley Biskupiak


Kelley began her career in Education as a teacher, then later in Administration and Curriculum Development, providing educational consulting services to urban school systems. After taking a career break to raise her children, she opened a thriving practice as a CTI-trained certified Co-Active coach. 



Susan and Kelley met while speaking at a women’s conference in 2016. Immediately, they felt a connection and knew that they could better help more women if they teamed up. So, the two joined forces first to share clients, then to run workshops, and, ultimately, to create the learning company Prepare to Launch U that provides instruction, inspiration, and community to women navigating work-life transitions along the continuum of life. Together, they have helped launch thousands of women of women globally. 

"Prepare To Launch U's tools and techniques helped me successfully return to work and create synergy in my home & work life. My confidence has been rekindled and I am forever grateful. Knowing, trusting, and believing in my professional "worth" has been life changing."

Sarah E.

PTLU Career Relaunch Course Student

Check Out Our Courses 

Starter Course from Prepare To Launch U

Our "Three Essential Steps" Return-to-Work Starter Course is exactly the training you need to begin your back-to-work journey. Come take the first three steps with us!

Career Relaunch Course from Prepare To Launch U

Our signature 10-week course designed to launch you back into the workforce with the help of a supportive cohort and live instruction and coaching from Susan and Kelley.

Maternity Leave: Plan It So You Enjoy It Course from Prepare To Launch U

A convenient online course to help you plan and execute a maternity leave that works for you, your family, and your job! 


Resume Gap Lab course from Prepare To Launch U

Our Resumé Gap Lab is just what you need to present your gap years as an asset not a liability.
Let us show you how!

LinkedIn & Networking Lab from Prepare To Launch U

Create a discoverable LinkedIn profile and use it to network your way to your dream job today! 


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