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Purposeful, Powerful Pivots career career pivot susan rietano davey May 30, 2024

The Millennials (Gen Y) and their younger siblings, Gen Z, are shaking things up in the modern workplace, and I love it – which is a good thing, seeing as I’m mom to four of them. Not...

Maternity Leave: Then and Now career critical conversation maternity leave susan rietano davey work + life balance May 08, 2024

You know those women who plan out their lives and everything goes pretty much according to schedule? Well, I’m not one of them. I’m an “accidental businessperson” who landed...

Negotiating 101 confidence courage job offer negotiation Feb 21, 2024

When my goddaughter accepted her first job out of college, she was over the moon. A top performer from a top Jesuit university, she had graduated summa cum laude, with two public relations summer...

Tackling Tricky Career Gaps inspiration interviewing job search skills resumes Apr 11, 2022

In this Masterclass in partnership with The Mom Project, we show you how to position yourself for job-search success after an extended caregiving break, unexpected life circumstances (divorce,...

How To Find Your Fit After a Career Break career job search skills Mar 29, 2022


In this masterclass in partnership with The Mom Project, learn our tried-and-true method for figuring out your career path.

Watch here: ...

Three Tools to Fill Your ResumΓ© Gap resumes Mar 08, 2022

Writing a resumé is tough. But when you've been on a career break - for 15 years or even just 15 months - "tough" can feel "impossible.”

Never fear! In this masterclass in...

The Alexa Problem career confidence inspiration job search skills susan rietano davey May 05, 2021

Alexa doesn’t live at our house. When we installed our Sonos sound system, we purposefully decided we could handle the ‘inconvenience’ of having to select a playlist on...

Black Lives Matter; Black People Belong. inspiration susan rietano davey Dec 30, 2020

One summer evening in 1973, my parents drove my siblings and me, piled in the way-back of our Bonneville wagon, past a crumbling public housing project downtown. “The only difference between...

Creating A Rhythm for our COVID-19 Days inspiration susan rietano davey work + life balance Apr 08, 2020

After a year of hearing a continuous loop of “you’ll never look back” and “you’ll love it”, I still have a hard time recognizing the...

You Are A Special Person confidence inspiration susan rietano davey Jun 05, 2019

At Roaring Brook Elementary School, in my little suburban Connecticut town, a major rite of passage for second graders is Special Persons Day. Each student chooses one special person in their life,...

Stop Talking Small! career inspiration susan rietano davey May 01, 2019

About 18 years ago, two of the major insurers in our part of Connecticut instituted massive layoffs. Many highly-skilled, accomplished mid-level professionals were soon out on the street looking...

Recovering from Mom Guilt career confidence susan rietano davey Apr 24, 2019

I met my friend Anne Marie through her daughter, Nicole, a classmate of my son Jackson’s at Roaring Brook Elementary School. One day I ran into Anne Marie in the school parking lot minutes...

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