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Remember Who You Are

inspiration kelley biskupiak Jun 20, 2018

Reminder: This is who you are!

I believe that women are the front door to every home.  They are the temperature and the hub for what rolls in the household.  They are powerful curators of life and some days they need a little reminder. 

So let’s give YOU a little reminder right now!

You are smart.   Yes, very smart in fact.  You have solved big problems and little ones, too.  You have ‘Macgyver’ abilities and cunning juggling skills that allow you to get kids off to school in the morning while meeting all of your boss’s deliverables. You make things happen.

You are clutch.  In a pinch, you show-up!  You jump to help out and make someone’s life easier or better or smoother no matter if you love them or if you have just met them.  You do not lack in the “pitching-in” or being called to the action department.

You are kind and your heart HUGE!  You feel things that can’t quite be described and your actions back up that heart of yours EVERY-SINGLE-DAY.

You are wise.  You think about things.  Deeply.  You ponder and contemplate and lose sleep while carefully navigating this life you are living.  You pull from years of experience and learning and are always willing to share your wisdom when asked…and sometimes when you are not.

You are freaking funny!  In your own silly and quirky way, you lift people around you with your humor, your smile—oh, and that laugh.  We all want to hear more of that laugh.

You are messy.  You screw things up.  Sometimes royally.  However, you are kind- remember that – and you also have grace so you are willing to have hard conversations and clean things up.  Yes, you…you right there.

You are so damn giving.  You just have a way of taking care of people…especially the ones who are lucky enough to be loved by you.  You will often put others’ needs before your own.  But be careful.  Pay attention to when you have tipped the scales to too much of the “giving thing.”  It is a gift that you possess so you have to protect it fiercely.  If not, the exhaustion will take you to your knees – I promise that.

You are beautiful … Gorgeous. Yes, you have this way about you that brings beauty and uniqueness to this world, and we are all so lucky to witness it.  And when you get that swagger on—STUNNER!

You are FUN!  Yes, you know how to have a good time and let loose…throw your head back and be 25 again for a minute.  You have that fun-girl factor in you.  You should take her out more.  Being a grown up is way too serious and you need to balance that out a little.

You are powerful.  Far-Far-Far beyond measure.  You can light up a room or dim the light in others.  It is your choice always.  Choose wisely.

You are resilient.  You can get knocked down, blindsided, and brought to your knees yet still, you pick yourself up.  Slow and steady, sometimes bruised and bloody, other times you spring right back up.  No matter the method. You rise; always.

You are brave.  Sometimes it is by saying the thing in the room that no one else will say or it is in the way you pick up the pieces when things have been shattered. Sometimes it just being brave enough to breathe and make it through the day.  You do brave things constantly and it is amazing.

You are all of this and so much more.  Each and every single one of you.  Remember that.  And in case you forget, I am always here to remind you!

Sending you all LOVE,

xo K.

P.S. – Here’s a challenge:  Find another woman today and remind her of who she is.  Tell her what unique strengths or gifts she possesses. I promise it will make you both smile…and possibly cry (good tears of course).

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