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In Praise of the Cavewoman and her many ‘Hats’ husbands&wives job search skills susan rietano davey Oct 31, 2018

When we were newly married, Bob and I saw the play “Defending the Caveman” with some friends. Caveman is a one-man comedy that explores the innate differences between men and...

Partners: a ‘must have’ for the working woman inspiration susan rietano davey work + life balance Oct 24, 2018

I began my career in Xerox Corporation’s executive training program, which, in the mid-80s, was reputed to be one of the top three executive training programs of the time. How I, an English...

Shine! kelley biskupiak work + life balance Oct 17, 2018

My first year as a teacher I had 29 students in my 3rd grade classroom. Seventeen of those students were the cutest, most high-energy boys you could ever encounter. The school district was...

How to Find a Mentor hiring job search skills susan rietano davey Oct 10, 2018

Seeking to be more fully and objectively informed, Kelley and I invited randomly selected new Prepare to Launch U students to participate in small video chat focus groups about the course...

How To Conquer Workplace Ageism hiring job search skills susan rietano davey Sep 26, 2018

As any astute observer of, or participant in, the American workplace will acknowledge, employers and hiring managers have some degree of age bias. We all do, and it runs both ways: “The...

Time to Pull the Trigger confidence kelley biskupiak work + life balance Sep 19, 2018

Raise your hand if you’ve had a conversation in your lifetime that would qualify more as a defining moment than a conversation. Yes? Then you will know exactly where I’m coming from...

Your Resumé Questions Answered job search skills resumes susan rietano davey Sep 12, 2018

Back in the day when writing a résumé required thoughtful precision (no spell check), a trip to the library (no company Google searches), expensive “bond” paper...

Showing our Daughters the Way mothers and daughers susan rietano davey Sep 06, 2018

When I entered high school four decades ago (yikes!) the first lesson I learned wasn’t extracted from a bio lab or a book of American poems. It was more of a pop psychology lesson:...

A Message to Employers: Hire A “Returner” hiring management susan rietano davey Aug 22, 2018

Recently, I’ve had a number of male clients ask me how to bring more woman-leaders into their organizations. I don’t care that this might be a knee-jerk response to current events;...

You CAN return to work. Here’s what it takes. job search skills susan rietano davey Aug 15, 2018

One of my earliest and all-time favorite clients is a woman named Carol.

Carol left her job as a senior corporate trainer for a national retailer to stay home and raise three sons. Her youngest was...

Get Pumped! The 5 Essential Tips for Getting Your Mindset Right for an Interview inspiration interviewing kelley biskupiak Aug 08, 2018

I love coaching a woman right before she heads off for an interview. There is just something about the vulnerable excitement that fills my office when prepping and pumping a woman up to go rock an...

4 Ways Husbands Can Help Their Wives Return to Work husbands&wives job search skills susan rietano davey Aug 01, 2018

On a recent shoot with our local ABC affiliate (WTNH) in New Haven, CT., Kelley and I were pleasantly surprised by a question from reporter  Sarah Cody’s trusty cameraman, Mike...


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