A convenient online course to help you plan and execute a maternity leave that works for you, your family, and your job!



A Successful Maternity Leave Requires 


If you’re pregnant and working, you’ve got a lot more on your mind these days than nursery colors and baby showers. Questions like – When and how do I share my big news? How is my work going to get done while I’m out? What will my transition back look like? – are probably weighing heavy on your mind.

You are not alone! Navigating in and out of work through pregnancy and childbirth is challenging territory for a new mom. As moms who have navigated maternity leave ourselves, and as longtime experts in the field of women’s work transitions, we’ve lived this and we get it.

And we know that the only way to ensure a successful maternity leave – one that you enjoy with your baby and one where your work gets done – is to plan it.

That’s why we’ve designed our Maternity Leave: Plan It So You Can Enjoy It course.

Our course is focused on YOU, the whole woman – not just your baby, not just your work, but all of you – and we hope you will join us!

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Your Maternity Leave Guides 

Kelley and Susan


Kelley Biskupiak and Susan Rietano Davey are co-founders and owners of Prepare to Launch, LLC, a learning company that guides women through important work-life transitions. On one end of the spectrum, their maternity leave course helps women plan for their time off and for their segue into working motherhood. On the other end, their Career Re-launch Course helps women who’ve opted out of work to raise children, opt back in. Both courses are available in a convenient online format and boast students from 20 states (and counting), coast to coast.

With eight children between them, a complement of work backgrounds in education (Kelley) and corporate (Susan), and a combined 40 years of experience helping women navigate work-life challenges, the pair is uniquely qualified to help YOU.

Kelley and Susan have been featured guests on, and contributors to, a variety of major news publications and programs; they are sought-after corporate trainers and conference speakers, and they are proprietary author-trainers for the global online training site, LinkedIn Learning. By enrolling in Maternity Leave: Plan It So You Can Enjoy It, you can put their expertise to work for you, today!

What You 



Maternity Leave: Plan It So You Can Enjoy It contains approximately 90 minutes of video lessons broken into short, manageable chunks, over three Modules. Students get 12 downloadable templates and checklists to stay on track, plus exclusive access to a private Facebook group for connecting with us (Kelley & Susan) and other students to stay motivated and accountable.

Module 1

Before Your Leave

What are your maternity rights and benefits? How should you tell your boss and your team that you’re pregnant? How will your work get done when you’re out? In this first module, we answer those pressing questions and teach you how to develop a solid work coverage plan so you can focus on baby, not work, while you’re home.

Module 2

During Your Leave

Should you stay in touch with the office? How Much? Or not at all? In module two, we teach you how to stay meaningfully (but manageably) connected to work by setting essential boundaries, and we help you build a work-life synergy plan that meets all of the new and existing demands of your life.

Module 3

After Your Leave

Who are your support people? Who are you? In the third module, we help you understand the values shift you’re experiencing, and identify the people in your support system. We share wellness strategies for sustainability and workplace strategies to keep you in the game and continuing to move forward – in the way that’s right for you.