A complete online course designed to get you back into the workforce.





A complete online course designed to get you back into the workforce.



Prepare to Launch 



Prepare To Launch U’s Career Re-entry Course is a complete online program designed to guide you through the unique challenges of re-entering the workforce after opting out to care for family. It addresses you, the whole woman, your personal and professional sides. The course is offered every winter, spring, and fall, and students take it together in cohorts of 10-12, over ten weeks.

The Career Re-launch Course provides the instruction, inspiration and practical tools you need to launch successfully – all in a flexible, self-paced format that fits your life, your schedule, and your goals. What began as a successful live course, is now available online!

Even the most accomplished women need guidance, encouragement, and tools to navigate their return to the rapidly changing workplace. Whatever your situation and wherever you are on your journey, Prepare to Launch U is your roadmap to success. Don’t go it alone; let us be your guides.




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Prepare to Launch 






Let’s face it; if you’re visiting our site, you’ve given more than a passing thought to re-entering the workplace. Is this your first stop? Or are you gung-ho and ready to go? Whatever the case and wherever you are on the journey, Prepare to Launch U’s Career Re-launch Course is your roadmap to success.

Don’t go it alone. Even the most accomplished women need guidance, encouragement, and tools to navigate their return to the rapidly changing workplace.

The Course


With three modules of videos, exercises, downloadable activities, and tools, the Prepare to Launch U Career Re-launch Course fully prepares you to return to the workplace.

In Module I, you will uncover your values, strengths, skills, and much more to learn Who You Are Now.

In Module II, you will begin to define Where You Are Going, and identify (and develop strategies to overcome) What is Getting In The Way.

Then, in Module III, you will  learn the skills (like networking, interviewing and negotiating), create the tools (like résumé, LinkedIn profile, and elevator pitch), and receive the emotional support and inspiration you need for your successful Relaunch!

And the best part? You can access it all in a fully flexible, self-paced format that fits your life, your schedule, and your goals.

Prepare to Launch 


Students Learn Together


Returning to work can be a daunting process, that’s why we don’t let you go it alone. Instead, as a PTLU student, you’ll be assigned to a course cohort of other re-launchers taking the journey with you. Together, you will take the course with us in ten manageable chunks over ten defined weeks. Each Friday, we will connect via live video chat to review what was learned, answer your questions, and keep you motivated and on track.

Our students rave about the cohort experience. They love how it keeps them engaged, accountable and energized every step of the way. They meet likeminded people and develop friendships – many of which continue long after the ten weeks.

The Prepare to Launch U Career Re-launch Course is offered three times per year, Winter, Spring and Fall, by application.

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What You Get
  • 47 professionally produced instructional videos accessed flexibly, online
  • 50+ page companion workbook with activity sheets, templates, scripts, and more (print and digital)
  • A small group learning cohort of other relaunching women who will take the course with you and support you for the 10 weeks and beyond
  • Weekly live instructional and coaching calls (18+ calls over 10 weeks) with your cohort and Susan & Kelley
  • Membership in:
    ➤ our exclusive online Slack community of relaunchers
    ➤ an extensive resume gallery of successful PTLU graduates
    ➤ the wide and growing community of PTLU graduates eager to help you!
  • Access to a Graduate Program for ongoing coaching, lessons, and support from Susan & Kelley alongside other graduates.
  • You will walk away with:
    ➤ A clear understanding of who you are, where you fit, and how to get there
    ➤ A polished resume and LinkedIn profile that boldly tells your unique and compelling story to a well-defined audience
    ➤ And the skills, strategy, and confidence to network effectively, interview successfully, and negotiate shrewdly

Starting at $89/month

Other payment plans are available.

Investing in 

You and in Us 

is a big decision and you probably have some questions, like:

What are the program’s results?

In a word, our results are exceptional.
Here is a sampling of where our recent Career Relaunch Course graduates have landed:

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And to hear what graduates have to say about our program, read our student testimonials here.


Applications are now closed. But we'll be back for our Winter cohort in January 2022!

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Let Us Be Your Guides!


We have spent a combined 30 years helping women return to work after career breaks – and we’ve been those women, too!

By enrolling in Prepare to Launch U, you benefit from our decades of research and experience, and our conviction that EVERY woman can re-launch her career successfully – if she puts in the work.

But knowing what ‘work’ to do, is the challenge. It’s a lot more than just dusting off an old resumé and posting it online.

We know what you need to do and we have “teed it all up” for you in our course. Prepare to Launch U is a one-stop source of all the training, tools, and inspiration you need for a successful career re-launch.

Stop thinking about getting back to work and start doing it. Join Us Today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Investing in You and in Us is a big decision and you probably have some questions.

Here are the questions we hear most frequently (and their answers):