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“When I began my career-return journey after an 18-year caregiving break, I struggled to overcome barriers of gap, age, and my own confidence. I used every online resource I could find, but none offered what I needed (and what PTLU offered): step-by-step expert guidance and a tribe of other women to keep me motivated and accountable. I embraced the PTLU process, used the PTLU network, and I - a 50 year-old non-techie - landed a manager role in the tech industry on a team of 30 year-olds at Flexport, Inc. Thank you, Susan and Kelley! ”

– Roseanne S., Long Beach, CA

Customer Solutions Manager at Flexport, Inc.

“After taking 3 years off to get my family settled following a move to the U.S., I fully expected to get right back to work. But after a few months of job searching, I needed help - and I found it with Susan and Kelley at Prepare to Launch U. Our journey of 10 weeks went from inward focused (what I really want to do) to outward focused (how to get there). I fine-tuned my search tools, built a strong professional network, and landed an exciting global role. I was deeply impressed by the genuine effort Susan and Kelley put into me and my journey - and I hope to make them and my cohort proud in my new career.”

– Tanya T., New Jersey

Global Compensation Specialist at Avis Budget, Inc.

“Among many other things, Susan and Kelley taught me why and how to make every networking connection matter - and that's how I landed at Amazon Robotics. Although I was passed over for the first position I wanted, I kept upbeat and in regular contact with my recruiter - who ultimately helped me find the right and better role. I am beyond grateful for all that I learned at PTLU, and for the support and encouragement of Susan and Kelley and my great cohort every step of the way. By the end of the program, I felt like my 14-year gap didn't matter; and I can tell you now, for sure, that it didn't.”

– Aurora R., Chicago, IL

Financial Management Returnship at Amazon, Inc.

“Susan and Kelley empowered me to figure out what I wanted from my work environment; they assured me that just because I'd taken a career break, | didn't need to settle for less. And I didn't. With their help, I developed a compelling pitch, learned to network effectively, and went into interviews with a confidence that I absolutely would not have had without the PTLU course, and the encouragement of my cohort and past graduates. Thanks to the whole PTLU community, I went from wanting a new career to actually finding and landing one as a Customer Success Consultant at Belay, Inc. I can't wait to pay it forward!”

– Christina S., Atlanta, GA

Client Success Manager at Belay, Inc.

"Susan and Kelley gave me the push to think outside the box, the courage to reach out and network, and the accountability to follow through to ask for what I want and need. They taught me that my voice is important and needs to be heard. And it was. Before graduating from the program, I accepted a management job in a new field (mental health), with the flexible schedule that I need as a single mom."

– Betsy H., Simsbury, CT

Operations Manager, Private Psychology Practice

“I was struggling with updating my resume for about 4 years (off & on) and all of the online research I did just confused me. Then I found Prepare to Launch U. Their starter course was a great first step, and I knew I needed more help, but I wasn’t sure I could afford the full course. I know now that it was definitely worth the investment! We did weeks of important foundational work and it wasn’t until week 6 that we got into writing a resume - and to think, that was where I was trying to start! Susan and Kelley prepared me well for the challenges of networking, interviewing, and negotiating that helped me land a position with the state police. And it was great having a cohort of other women on the same journey beside me and cheering me on!”

– Janet C., Little Rock, AR

Compliance Specialist, Arkansas State Police

“PTLU's Career Relaunch program was an invaluable gift that came along at the perfect time, filling my need for expert guidance and a tribe of women looking to further their purpose, like me. Susan and Kelley helped us find ourselves, believe in ourselves, get scared, get happy, and reclaim the parts of ourselves that we'd relinquished to our families. With their wisdom and nudging, I did really scary things like reach out to strangers, ask tough questions, and negotiate boldly. In the end, and with a 17-year resume gap, I had two great offers. I'm thrilled with my choice to join the fabulous Accenture team here in Chicago.”

– Julie C., Chicago, IL

Managing Director, Referral Team at Accenture

“I followed Susan and Kelley's advice for my first interview with the largest baking company in the world, Grupo Bimbo, Inc.: I turned my camera on and my clock off, and answered the recruiter's questions boldly and calmly. Then, I took that confidence into a panel interview with company executives, where I secured my spot on the team. There were so many times during my return-to-work journey when I felt my 10-year career gap defined me, but with the help of PTLU and my wonderful cohort, I gained confidence, knowledge, and skills that will continue to be useful in my brand new role as Junior Brand Manager for Takis Snacks!”

– Renata P., Dallas, TX

Junior Brand Manager at Takis Snacks, Grupo Bimbo, Inc.

“Just weeks after completing the Prepare to Launch U course, I landed my first interview and got my first job offer for a great, but not perfect, job. Worried that the hiring manager was the only “boy who would ask me to prom,” I almost took it. Then I rewatched a few of the PTLU lessons and decided “HECK NO, I am not settling for this. I will take my time and find the right opportunity and the right fit!” I continued my search, a whole lot wiser and smarter, and ultimately accepted a senior Executive Assistant position at Collins Aerospace. Without expert guidance from Susan and Kelley, I would not have had the courage to say ‘no’ or to even begin to navigate my way back to work after 18 years at home!”

– Julynn S., Charlotte, NC

SVO Executive Assistant, Collins Aerospace

"Participating in the PTLU Cohort has been one of the absolute best decisions I’ve made for myself. With the comprehensive curriculum and the supportive camaraderie of the cohort, I learned to stop playing small both professionally and personally. I gained clarity about what I want, along with effective tools to pursue and achieve my goals after 20 years at home raising my daughters. With my newfound voice and confidence, instead of fearing the job search and interview process, I felt well-prepared for and excited about it, and gained the courage to go back to school to complete the graduate degree that will lead me to the job I want."

– Tina M., Seattle, WA

Graduate School Student


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