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Read This

In The Media

Forbes Magazine interviewed Susan to share insight on what women over 50 bring to the workplace.

You can read the article here:

Ms. Magazine invited Susan & Kelley to write a piece about the role “MBA Moms” play in the post-#MeToo movement.

You can read it here:

Grown and Flown, the popular website for parents of older children, published Susan’s heartfelt piece on Empty Nesting.

You can read it here:

CEO Mom Magazine invited Susan and Kelley to write an article about work after kids.

You can read it here:

HR Daily Advisor invited Susan to make the case for why hiring managers should recruit returner-moms to the workplace.

You can read her piece here:

Chaos and Kiddos, a blog for working moms, invited Susan to advise women how and why to go after the job they really want.

You can read her article here:

Publishing legend, Lesley Jane Seymour of Covey Club invited Susan to author a piece on career reinvention in a pandemic.

In this article published on LinkedIn, Susan tells readers the "One Thing Men Can Do To End The Motherhood Penalty."

When the pandemic began, LinkedIn published this article in which Susan shares "6 Tips for Managing Fully Remote Teams."

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