LinkedIn & Networking Lab 

Create a discoverable LinkedIn profile and use it to network your way to your dream job 



Our LinkedIn & Networking Lab for career relaunchers offers proven profile- and network-building instruction to help you tap into the power of the premier platform for job-seekers AND hiring managers/recruiters.

In this course, you'll create a LinkedIn profile that gets noticed and you'll learn to use it to find and land the job you really want.

Your Ideal Employer is Looking For You.
It's Your Job to Help Them Find You.


Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been on your career relaunch journey for a while, here’s the truth:

You have only a 10% chance of getting a job after a career break by applying online. Knowing how to effectively and confidently network is the only sure way to find and land your dream job.

But, like many women before learning our proven and simple 3-step strategy, you might not know what to say when reaching out to contacts, or how to even create a great LinkedIn profile.

Are you ready to create a winning profile and network with confidence?


By the end of this program, you will...


Have a LinkedIn profile that tells your unique story and gets noticed


the LinkedIn settings and preferences to ensure hiring managers find you.


Know how to use the LinkedIn engine to uncover the vast hidden job market

Understand how to build your LinkedIn network to 500+ connections


reaching out to new connections using our simple script

To build and use a great LinkedIn profile, it is best to start with a well-written and up to date resumé to use as a foundation.

If you don't have one, or you're not sure, please check out our Resumé Gap Lab Course first.

What's Inside
  • The best “what’s working now” strategies for creating your LinkedIn profile - whether starting from scratch or improving your existing page
  • Our specific strategy for showcasing your gap years' experience in your profile
  • A roadmap and script to prepare you and bolster your confidence for networking
  • Instant and lifetime access to the course videos and downloadable files:
    •  5 content-rich video lessons that walk you step-by-step through creating each section of your LinkedIn profile
    • 4 networking video lessons with a real career-returner like you to teach you, in real-time, how to use your beautiful LinkedIn profile to network your way into your dream job.
  • Included BONUS: 3 pages of sample resumé - turned LinkedIn About statements so you can see exactly how to write yours - template included.



Here's what some of the graduates from our full Career Relaunch Course had to say about the same LinkedIn and networking lessons they received:

"I've connected with 53 new contacts on LinkedIn in the past week, and they are all relevant to my industry! Two of those contacts have already reached out to me!"

Lauren B.

"I can't thank you enough for showing me the in's and out's of crafting a solid job search strategy and LinkedIn profile. It has been a tremendous help in my journey to re-enter the workforce."

Jennifer M.

"I spent so much time listening to webinars and the LI advice was all over the board. After learning from Susan & Kelley, I don't feel the need to seek out any other perspectives. PTLU is IT!"

Monica R.

"It helped prepare me for everything it takes to network and job search effectively. I am so grateful for this content! Thank you Susan & Kelley!"

Theresa P.


Your Dream Job is Out There


And we want to help you land it!

Every day, women from across the globe trust us to help them put the world's most powerful job-search engine (LinkedIn) to work for them.

This is your chance to join them - and us - in putting it to work for YOU.

Don't wonder what could have been if you'd only networked for a better job. Enroll today and learn the strategies and access the tools to land the best job, now.

We hope to see you in our classroom soon!


Kelley & Susan

Co-Founders/Owners, Prepare to Launch U