The First Three Steps to a

Successful Career Relaunch


The hardest part of relaunching your career is knowing where and how to start. 

Avoid the guesswork, the missteps, the overwhelm - and let us help you!



In this webinar, you'll begin to define:

Your Brand

You have to know who you are and what you bring to the workplace before you can do anything else. 

Your Audience

You have to know who you're talking to before you can craft your story into a compelling resumé, LI profile, etc.

Your Tribe

You'll only succeed on your return-to-work journey with the support of the right people, in very specific roles.

A note from Kelley & Susan:


We hope you'll join us to fulfill your goal of getting back to work. We know you can do it.

With our help, over 1,000 women have successfully relaunched in just three years. Would you like to join them?

You can! 

The first step is to watch this webinar, receive the instruction, and engage in the activities. Simple, right? As moms of four and career-relaunchers ourselves, with a combined 30+ years of experience and research in the women+work space, and a reputation in the field as the definitive "return-to-work experts," we are uniquely qualified to help you.

Our goal for you? After this webinar, you will never again say the words, “I don’t know how to get started on my career-relaunch.” Join us. We'll help you make your career dreams a reality.  

See you soon!


Kelley & Susan

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